Our Services

Strategy Deep Dives & Sprints

From evidence base to new insights and an action plan within 2 days.

What you get: 2 intense days of evidence analysis, opportunity scan and expert opinion delivering a clear direction and narrative has saved our clients time and investment, significantly.

Immersive Co-Creation

Making problem-solving fun, energetic and collaborative is in our DNA.

What you get: Brilliant, Out-of-the-Box facilitators with problem empathy, human-centred design and trend-tracking tools to engage teams on a business challenge.

Strategic Partnering

Tap into our global network of innovators, catalysts and customers

What you get: Being at the heart of the UK’s world-leading innovation ecosystem, we bring a rich network to the table.

Data-Driven Pathway Evaluations

Test the health economic impact of your innovation to deliver real customer value and traction

What you get: Pathway cost-benefit analysis and a step-by-step guide to scalable HEOR strategies for transformative innovations.

Rapid Expert Opinion

Get your strategy or deal flow checked by our sector experts early and cheaply

What you get: From investor decks and product due diligence to market sizing, access and adoption topics, we can critique your collateral for partnership, fundraising or grant award.

“Lighthouse brought a rare combination of skills and knowledge of the unknowns between life sciences, healthcare and other sector systems that benefitted our cohort hugely.”

CoFounder, Life Science SME, Europe

Startup Accelerators

Between the LI experts, our leadership and advisory has easily impacted 150+ start ups in the global health and allied sectors spanning the 4 Ds:


Digital and AI

Drug Discovery and Therapeutics

Decision support in Healthcare


1:1 Mentorship sessions with founder teams on Evidence, Customer Discovery and Commercialisation

Use cases in Oncology, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Inflammatory and Orphan disease

Support with fund raising (>£10M) and FDA, MHRA and HTA (NICE, CMS) submissions

Reviewed 40+ innovations and start-ups for NIHR-NHSX AI and the Innovate UK awards (>£300M)

Highly popular Master Classes and Workshops on:

• Global Market Access (Pricing & reimbursement)

• Evidence management with HTA and real-world Health Economic evaluations

• Customer value discovery & collaborative business models

• Scale Up strategy

Our Optics

Truly adoptable and user-centric innovation relies on systematic product feedback in the marketplace, ranging from bottom-up pathway validation (e.g. with Radiologists) to Willingness-to-Pay (WtP) and Price sensitivity analysis (e.g. with payers). Our lean recruitment and validation tools cut the chase for stakeholder feedback, instantly de-risking the hypotheses at hand.

Our future-lens market access frameworks aid innovators and commercial leads to expand and de-risk the value-based opportunity across customer segments spanning global healthcare and life sciences, insurance and research markets, whilst embracing the complex relationships between reimbursement systems and access pathways.

Our optics in the life sciences and healthcare include:

Systems Mapping

Competitor Analysis

Global Market Access

Pricing & Reimbursement


Startup Accelerator Support

Study Design

HTA & RWE Evidence

Health Economics

Payer Value Discovery